my first post

Name: Alissa
Age: 16

Height: 5'5
Current Weight: 120 lbs
Lowest Weight: 105 lbs
Highest Weight: 127 lbs
Short Term Goal: 110 lbs
Long Term Goal: between 90 and 100 lbs.

How long have you had your ED: about one and a half years
What is your diognosis: anorexia
Have you ever been in the hospital: not yet
Why do you want to join this community: to talk to people who are going through the same things as me, facing the same sort of stuff. to be around people who understand, unlike my family and some of my friends.

(no subject)

I just moved out of my house aweek ago, and Im now living w/ my friend. Her mom never comes home so its just the two of us...Her and I both get money from our folks for food. She has $40 dollars a week to buy food and such, and I have $25. We are both currently looking for jobs, and cannot afford much to eat. She is used to buying starches (bread rice) to eat because they come cheap...I on the other hand prefer veggies and fruit. She wants to combine money to buy groceries but Id rather buy my own food. Im living in her house, so its a bit hard to tell her no, I wont eat your food...


I need to go on a fast. I told my boyfriend I wont let him see me naked for at least two months. Im going to be 110 at the most...I swear on everything I can do this. I just need some hardcore motivation, someone to keep a check up on me. Will any of you gals/guys out there help me fast/fast w/ me? Im starting As of right now. no food will touch these lips for two weeks.
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IM me:pinkpanther92887
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fatty mc'fat

Hello all.
I haven't updated for the past three months, because I'm so ashamed of my weight balloning up to 135...eck! Im going to school at the ymca and I'm working out everyday, or every other day...sometimes twice a day. Which I will be committing to doing twice a day everyday. I know that weight training is to be done every other day, but I'm going to do some sort of aerobic and cardio exercise everyday. I noticed cellulite on the back of my legs, which has never been there before. My mum said if I continue working out everyday, I'll lose the cellulite, and tone up + drop noticable pounds within 3 months...does that sound right? Anyone have any tips for toning up within 2 months perhaps?
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Something I've noticed since I've been gone.. models don't make me sad, I make myself sad.
I've been in "recovery" but it's pointless I live in L.A.
& the area where I live is full of thin women
& all my friends have eating disorders (well not all but most)
& I don't want to be the fattest one again... now I'm the thinnest
& I know it's killing them
why would they want to take that away from me esp. since I can lose so much more?

How is everyone else doing?
Does anyone know a way to cover up your bones from showing
through your clothes at the doctors... I need help my doctor
was saying "i should not be able to see your rib cage through
your shirt" ah bitch.

back again

Hey ladies! Hope everybody is doing well! It has been a roller coaster for me lately. I've been having some trouble, and my weight is paying for it. I was up to 105 (gross, i know)3 days ago. I have buckled down and have gone to 102 today. I'm on a fast today and then hopefully going to start the Sacred Heart Diet tomorrow. (if your looking for more info on that diet... go to 0xsacredheartx0 ) Hopefully I'll be down to 95 by March 22.
.:think thin ladies!:.
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Current Weight:126
Lowest Weight:98
Highest Weight:145
Short Term Goal:115
Long Term Goal:75

How long have you had your ED:3-4
What is your diognosis:ednos
Have you ever been in the hospital:for mentality purposes but i was not under wieght yet
Why do you want to join this community:so im not alone in "my" crazy mind

March 8th

Today im starting my hardcore diet and exercise in order to lose atleast 30 pounds by July 1st. Wish me luck. I know I haven't updated in a long's because things have been going bad and i feel too fat to update on here. When i lose some weight i'll be back.