lil_sky21 (lil_sky21) wrote in anorexicangles,

my first post


Current Weight:115
Lowest Weight:95
Highest Weight:142
Short Term Goal:105
Long Term Goal:90

How long have you had your ED: I have been obsessed with food and my body issues since first grade, since middle school I have been restricting, and in high I started throwing up. For two years I was throwing up at least three times a day, binging and purging.
What is your diognosis: Bulimic with anorexic tendencies
Have you ever been in the hospital:no
Why do you want to join this community: I have been relapsing and I miss being me. I miss the control, I miss what defined me.
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I'm 20 and 120. I really want a ana buddy that's close to my age. I want someone to compare and celebrate meeting goals with but i have no ana friends. Would you be interested in texting calories, fastings, exercise, binging:( and such to keep each other on track?