clandestine_ana (clandestine_ana) wrote in anorexicangles,

hmmm...But,starving is so convenient and satisfying.

Most of it I agree with, but cutting Calories and working out, but not loseing the weight...scares me. My eating habits are so fucked I dont want to get on the scale for fear of going into a panic attack. I was told I look 140-150...gag.
Does anyone think If eating raw fruits and veggies and packing in two sessions at the gym plus walking like crazy, would show fast results and tone me up by july?

*I've recently discoved ADHD medication give me tons of energy and curbs hunger...but on the other hand its horrible for insomnia. I'd most def recommend ADD/ADHD meds to anyone who is thinking about taking a diet pill...Ridilin and Adderal are most likely much safer then over the counter diet pills(not 100% positive on that)...but look at what eufedra was doing to people taking stackers. One of the biggest ADD/ADHD meds are hard to get ahold of unless you know someone who takes them. If you have either ADD or ADHD they will somewhat sedate you, rather then rev you up.
ADD/ADHD med info
Diet pill info
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