July 4th, 2008

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darn! I was doing so good and then my sister asked me if I wanted some dessert. I had to go and get something or I would have stood out. I did okay during dinner. I didnt eat anything I fixed a plate took it with me and then didnt eat it. I ate about a cup each of spagettii, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, mexican salad, cabbage and a hamburger with no bun. Then for dessert I had a big piece of carmel cake, a chocolate pudding whipped cream thing, butter bread something. I think I only puked up a piece of cake or something. I didnt want anyone to hear so it was really difficult to gag myself. I dont know what the heck I was thinking.How could I? I'm throwing away what I've taken so long and worked so hard to get. I can't keep eating. My life in general has been better since I have lost the weight. If I gain all that back I will be the unattractive fat loser I was.I can't waste my life like that. I have tried to do a 7 day fast since April with no luck. From now on it will be different. Right now I feel like Read more...Collapse )