September 12th, 2005


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From the outside the group(s) that I hang out with are very annoying typical rich L.A. kids with everything they want. From the inside it's so different & almost everyone is "anorexic" it's so annoying. The people who really are and aren't just doing it, because their "friend" Lidnsey Lohan is don't say anything. I pretend to eat I pretend like I'm okay I fake it. Some of the dumb bitches in my group of "friends" are so fucking dumb they scream and parade around "I'm a starving child", "hey let's do some more coke so we can lose weight", "I haven't eaten in 1 day oh my god I'm so anorexic", "Isn't my red anorexic bracelet hott", and so on. At first I was amazed oh wow these people are upfront and don't give a fuck, but it's just a clan haha a clan of annoying rich snoby kids snorting coke every fucking day, because everyone is too lazy to actually exercise.
This kills me... my friend does coke then gets drunk (consumes about 1000 cals or more in alcohol) then is soo drunk and goes to a fast good restaurant to get food... what the fuck was the point?

Anyone else have "friends" like that?
I use the term friends losely, because hardly anyone out here is really you're friend and they'll stab you the back the 1st chance they get.